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Whispers of the Dead

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A life tragically cut short. Will her murder be solved, or will it forever slip through the cracks?

Detective Lexi Dixon, a single mother in the midst of a brutal custody battle for her young son, accepts a phone call from Jenny Parker. After listening to a mother’s plea to find her seventeen-year-old daughter’s killer, Dixon takes interest. The only problem is the case has been cold for fourteen years.

Determined to find justice for this young girl and closure for her mother, Dixon invests her energy in finding answers. She quickly learns the life of Josie Parker was not as it appeared. As Dixon weeds through suspect after suspect, tension begins to build in her own personal life and could end in tragedy.

Will Dixon find justice for a young woman and herself?

If you like strong feminine leads, mind blowing twists, and a satisfying ending, then you won’t want to miss Whispers of the Dead.

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"I really enjoy reading books by Angela Kay and Whispers of the Dead was not different. Full of action and mystery, there are so many twists and turns that sometimes the reader feels like the truth will not prevail. But the plot is so well written that at the end, everything comes together and the culprit is found. Besides crime, the story is full of examples of perseverance. There is also a lot of lies and deceit and at the same time, hope. It also focus on another important point, which domestic violence and the effect it brings on those involved. As always, there is also strong friendship, partnership, family strong ties and love. Really enjoyable reading. Looking forward to reading the next book by this author." 

-- Claudete, Amazon Reviewer

"Between a tense custody battle and a cold case with more suspects than you can shake a stick at, Detective Lexi Dixon has her hands full. Sound busy? That's because it is - in all the best ways. I love that Angela Kay gives us both sides of Dixon's life, the personal and professional, and they are equally gripping. The outcome and fallout of the custody hearing had me on just as many pins and needles as trying to suss out Josie's killer. There are plenty of suspects to choose from, and I'm pretty sure I chose each one at least once during the story, if not twice. Plus we even get a bit of romance as Dixon works on getting on with her life. What it all boils down to is everything I've come to appreciate from this author - terrific characters, great suspense, and a gripping storyline."

-- Becky, Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

"The author has done it again and wrote another great murder thriller that is steeped in mystery from start to finish. The plot is rich and well written, and the characters have depth to them with personal life conflicting with the needs of a cold case." 

-- Sharon, Amazon Reviewer


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