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Abandoned Home

The Naked Eye


A resort guest is dead. But the killer is bound to still be there since no one can leave during the blizzard.

Lieutenant Davis was unintentionally stranded by the weather. He didn't plan on working a crime scene without back up and he certainly didn't know he would be the only one in the group without an ironclad alibi.

Can Davis solve the crime before the blizzard ends, the local cops show up, and he becomes a suspect?

If you enjoy mysteries of how they did it, then Angela Kay's short story is sure to entertain!


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"The Naked Eye by Angela Kay is a short mystery. Although short on word count, Kay uses her skill as a storyteller to define each character and set up a plot that gives a surprising twist at the end. Kay never fails to drop small hints that you realize only once you’ve finished one of her stories. As with her novels, this short story is heavy on detail, including a rich setting, real characters and well-defined plot." 

--Ravyne, Amazon Reviewer

"With The Naked Eye, Angela Kay gives us everything that goes into a gripping murder mystery and packs it into a quick read that keeps us guessing from page one. The story opens with a dead body, a locked room, and lots of questions. Is is murder or some kind of accident? With lots of red herrings and a great twist, this one kept me turning pages. The book is easily read in one sitting while still giving us the great writing and mystery of a full length novel from this author."

-- Becky, Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

"The Naked Eye is a short story but it has all of the elements of a good murder mystery. 
There are many characters in this story, all of the people stranded in the cabin, but it’s pretty easy to keep them all straight. A great read with a good twist at the end." 

-- Dawn, Amazon Reviewer


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