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The Murder of Manny Grimes

The Murder of Manny Grimes.jpg

No evidence. No body. A perfect case for Jim DeLong.


Lieutenant Jim DeLong’s life is already in shambles. And things don’t get any better when three young boys enter his life one night during a rare winter storm, claiming to have seen the body of their assistant principal, Manny Grimes. Intrigued, DeLong investigates, finding nothing: no evidence, no body.


Determined to find the truth, DeLong enlists the help of his oldest friend and mentor, former Naval Investigator Russ Calhoun. The more they dig, the more they find nothing is as it appears.

As he delves deeper into the murder of Manny Grimes, DeLong begins to lose his sense of control, falling into old temptations he has spent years to overcome. Will he move past his own demons and untangle the web of lies before it’s too late?

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"The characters are so well written that they were instantly recognizable as old friends. A lot of life experience in this book made me think of it after a finished for a few days." -- Mary, Amazon reviewer

"This is a story for the reader who takes their mysteries seriously!" -- Helen, Amazon reviewer


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