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Kept in silence

Kept in Silence.jpg

She thought she knew what she was giving her body and mind to, but found her eyes were closed to the true horror.


Harper Matthews’ life as a flight attendant revolved around fighting a fear of her own, and so far, she had been doing well. Then her life became forever changed after encountering a strange passenger on the red-eye.

Having a brief background in law enforcement, Harper became determined to find the hidden truth behind one of the largest human trafficking rings in the world. She agreed to go undercover, but the deeper in the darkness she found herself, the more she learned that the truth won’t come without cost.

Can one woman find justice for hundreds?

Although this book is purely fictional, the subject matter is not. This book deals with triggers such as difficult sexual situations and human trafficking. This is not intended for those under 21 years of age. Please be cautious in reading and seek help for PTSD, anxiety, and depression caused by such situations.

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*Previously published as Uncovering Justice.*


"I have read Angela Kay’s books and Uncovering Justice is a little different from her usual genre. I like her writing, and this book is my favorite so far; however, it’s not for the faint of heart." 

-- Dawn, Amazon Reviewer

"When it comes to crime drama and thrillers, Angela Kay is a good bet for an intense and gripping read. That remains to be true with her newest novel, Uncovering Justice. This one tackles human trafficking from both sides, the investigators and the victims. While the story isn't overly graphic, what's happening to these women is clear and absolutely heart-wrenching, and there are several scenes that are hard to read without feelings of revulsion and horror, so the trigger warnings in the blurb should be taken seriously. The writing is good, the pacing is steady, and from the opening scene to the edge of your seat conclusion, it is nothing short of intense. If you have the stomach for the topic, this one is a must-read."

-- Becky, Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

"A very up-to-date issue that very few people want to talk about - human trafficking and exploitation is the core of this story. Although a gruesome theme, it's explored in its absolute cruel reality by Angela Kay and besides entertaining those who enjoy reading thrillers and mystery stories, it also depicts a very ugly side of society worldwide. It gives food for thought as to which is our role once we know about such an ugly thing what our actions should be." 

-- Claudete, Amazon Reviewer


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