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A Killer's Vengeance

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FBI Special Agent Aidan O'Reilly engages in a game of wits against a serial killer with a vendetta. How many lives will be lost before justice is served?


For Special Agent Aidan O'Reilly, learning his balance in a new, but familiar, setting is hard enough. Now he finds himself in the middle of another serial killer case with no seeming connections between victims. When he and his partner investigate a shooting, they discover eerie similarities with an earlier murder.

Determined to find a lead, O’Reilly sifts through clues, looking for the trail to the offender’s identity. But he’s horrified when he discovers the deranged shooter is playing mind games with his victims.

As the bodies pile up, a leak inside their office could derail their investigation. Can O’Reilly bring the sadistic killer to justice before more innocent lives are lost?

If you like chilling cases, tense manhunts, and mind-bending twists and turns, then you'll love Angela Kay's heart-pounding page-turner.

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Previously published as I Can Hunt.


"If you enjoy a good mystery/thriller, then this is an author, you want to read. I really enjoyed this book; I found the plot to be full of suspense and intrigue that held my attention throughout." 

-- Sharon Amazon, Reviewer

"A well-written plot where the main characters are deceitful, make a lot of wrongdoings, and let the past haunt their present. It's a story full of action and twists and turns that keep you hooked till the end. It's also a description of what tortured minds can do in society. Great entertainment!"

-- Claudete, Amazon Reviewer


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