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A Killer's Mark

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A killer from his past threatens his future. Will a decade-long chase end in justice or disaster?


Special Agent Aidan O’Reilly is haunted by the one that got away. And even after another year of silence, he still can’t shake his failure to nail the sociopathic madman responsible for over fifty shocking murders. But his guilt becomes a shot at redemption when the murderer returns, naming the detective in a personal note pinned to a fresh kill.

With meticulously clean crime scenes and a nosy reporter on the loose, O’Reilly and his new partner scramble to uncover the next target’s location. But when the psychotic fiend strikes close to the embattled FBI man’s home, O’Reilly is up against a clock counting down to a very intimate death.

Can he catch the infamous butcher before the body count rises?

A Killer's Mark is the pulse-pounding first novel in the Aidan O’Reilly serial killer thriller series. If you like strong protagonists, wild twists and turns, and powerful reveals, then you’ll love Angela Kay’s adrenaline-laced story.

Buy A Killer's Mark to stop the slaughter today!

Previously published as I Can Kill.




"A gripping new thriller by Angela Kay that pits FBI Special Agent Aidan O'Reilly against the Carnations Killer, a serial killer who enjoys playing Cat and Mouse with this formidable agent." 

-- Dana Ridenour, retired FBI Agent and award-winning author of Behind The Mask and Beyond The Cabin

"A Killer’s Mark is a riveting psychological crime thriller complete with taut action scenes coupled with deep character development."

-- Melissa Sovak, Amazon Reviewer

"Things that go bump in the night, the monster under the bed - put away the childhood fears because Angela Kay has given us the truly scary."

-- Momma Becky, Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

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