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Black Water

A Killer's Cell

3) A Killer's Cell.jpg

A killer broadcasts his murders on every news station. Will they find him before more fall victim to the water torture chamber?


FBI Special Agent Aidan O’Reilly pursues a hooded serial killer who has been abducting women, televising their murders, and giving law enforcement a time limit to locate them. Soon, a sixth woman is abducted and the team competes against the timer set by the killer, and it is ticking down until the victim’s public death.

Desperate to find answers and a clue more than the calling card and a magic trick, they start to leave no stone unturned. As O’Reilly and his partner lead the investigation into The Water Torture Cell Killer, they find themselves on the tail of someone more devious. Will O’Reilly unmask The Water Torture Cell Killer, or will he fall victim to his obsession?

The third installment of the Aidan O'Reilly serial killer thriller brings you a taut storyline, devious killer, and a heart-racing conclusion. Don’t miss Special Agent O’Reilly’s latest investigation!

Buy now to escape the torturous water cell chamber!


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