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Sunset in a City

A Killer's Edge

5) A Killer's Edge.jpg

It’s October and evil has come out to play. Can the dedicated FBI agent end the carnage before it’s too late?


Special Agent Aidan O’Reilly takes pride in the career spent nailing criminals. But when the zealous investigator receives a mysterious phone call, his blood runs cold after a voice says, “I killed them all."

O’Reilly leads a crusade to expose a killer slaying families, and as the number of victims rise, he fears time is running thin before The Halloween Slasher vanishes in the night.

Can he stop the butcher before another massacre?

Engaging and wicked, A Killer's Edge is the fifth book in the pulse-pounding O’Reilly thriller series.

Buy A Killer's Edge to find the Halloween Slasher before he finds you!


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